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Pergolas & Gazebos

Timber Pergola Design & Installation

         A pergola is a garden feature designed to form a shaded walk or passageway of pillars that support cross beams and a sturdy open lattice, upon which climbing plants can be trained. They can also form a kind of extension on part of a building, as protection for an open terrace.
         Larger pergolas are ideally suited for linking different parts of the garden, providing secluded areas and creating summer shade. They are also idel for creating shaded areas for seating.
         We offer a full design and installation service on all types of pergola and can be made with either soft wood or hard wood.

Garden Path

Path & Stepping Stones

There are two kinds of paths used in a garden. The practical sort that are used for getting...

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Garden Gates


Once plain and strictly functional devices for keeping children and/or animals safely...

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Artificial Grass & Turf

Artificial Grass & Turf

Value can be added to your
home by improving the aesthetics of garden with artificial grass...

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Garden Trellis


Trellis can be used for a wide variety of applications, it can enhance the look of a...

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Garden Fencing

Fencing & Screening

A well-erected garden fence is more than just a boundary it increases the attraction of your...

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How it works?

Just give us a call, email, text or leave a message and we will get back to you ASAP to arrange a Site Inspection and quote for your requested work.
We remove and dispose of all garden waste we create.
We are able to work whether you are at home or at work (as long as we have access to the garden)!
We accept payment on the day in cash or cheque, direct payment into our bank account.

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