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Paving, Decking and Timber Maintenance

Decking Maintenance

         Paving and decking is a fashionable addition to the garden and requires little maintenance once it is completed. No matter how well a paving, pavement and decking might be laid, and no matter how much was spent on quality materials, all pavings, deckings and timber structures, from the very top-of-the-range to the not-quite-so-good, require some basic maintenance to keep them looking their best. Within a year or two, the sun’s ultraviolet radiation makes the timber and most decks turn some degree of gray. This color change affects only a very thin top layer of the wood, so it doesn't compromise your deck's strength and durability. If you want to brighten up your deck's appearance, we are ready to help you!
         We offer a full Paving, Decking and Timber Maintenance Services in Dulwich SE21, East Dulwich SE22, Herne Hill SE24, Clapham SW11,SW4 - Brixton SW2, Catford SE6.


CLEANING - both, deck and paving have to be swept regularly and hose it down when dirt accumulates. Allowing dirt and other organic matter such as leaf litter or soil to accumulate on your deck and paving, increases the risk of fungal infection.

PPWER-WASHING - Cleaning your deck and paving with a pressure washer at the beginning and end of the season is a recommended course of action.

SANDING - Sanding is used to smooth rough spots or remove old stain from your deck or any other timber structure.

TIMBER SEALING AND STAINING - Sealers and stains are either water-based or oil-based. Oil-based finishes require less upkeep and less frequent recoating than water-based finishes. There are a few options of of stains and sealers with different result: "Clear water repellent" provides basic protection, including waterproofing, minimal UV protection and sometimes mildew growth prevention. Recoating is required at least once a year. "Wood toners" are similar to clear water repellant, but they include a hint of color to help maintain or restore the natural beauty of wood. They provide similar levels of protection against splitting, warping, cupping and cracking but tend to last a little longer. "Clear wood preservative" with UV protection protects your deck and prevents graying. Oil-based preservatives can last for up to two years. "Semitransparent stains" are subtle and show the grain and texture of wood. These stains contain pigment that protects against sun damage better than a clear preservative. Oil-based semitransparent stains provide the most protection, better color retention and longer life. "Solid stain" is available but tends to wear quickly when applied to high traffic areas.

OILING - Decking Oil will feed and protect your timber decking and all external woodwork. Use on garden fences, sheds, gates, hot tubs and many more external wood projects. Oil bring out the natural colours of the wood and a wet surface is a good indication of the final colour.

REPAIRING - Decking, paving or any other construction repairing generally requires some small amounts of maintenance but if problems do occur it’s essential that you your garden constructions as soon as possible to prevent lasting damage. A rotten joist under decking boards or paving slabs for instance, can cause severe sagging if not replaced, leading to more damage and greater repair costs.

PAVING, PAVEMENT SEALING - Paving Sealers can be the ideal way to maintain the surface appearance and function of paving in many different areas. The application of a suitable Paving Sealer can also help prevent, or greatly reduce dirt pick-up or staining from oil, grease and other substances. This can be very useful for protecting paved domestic driveways and patios against oil and other domestic spillages from gardening work and barbeques. Natural Stone Paving Sealers are used to protect the ‘natural’ stone surface from stains due to spillages or against actual physical damage from frost and freeze-thaw attack of the surface. Natural stone sealer can be used to bring out the colour of the stone, make it brighter, or even to provide a permanent ‘wet-look’ pavement.

As well as all the complete Garden Maintenance Services White-Edge offers a separate individual Gardening Services including Tree Surgery, Decking, Paving and Timber Maintenance, Lawn Care and Planting.

Lawn Care

Lawn Care

Mowing your turf is the most important thing you can do to maintain your lawn. Your turf will get used to how much you cut off and being cut to the same height. If you cut it too much or let the grass grow too long before cutting...

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“Just to add, had Liene and the team around to clean, fix and stain wooden deck. They did a great job at a great price.”

Tree Surgery

Tree Surgery

For the best results we recommend trimming hedges regularly, this keeps their shape and quality and also reduces the work required each visit, in turn reducing the cost!

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No matter how small or big the garden, trees, shrubs, herbaceous plants and lawns are all essential features of any landscape garden adding a softer, natural touch to the landscape and bringing your garden to life.

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