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Tree Surgery

Tree Surgery

         With early care and special attention, a tree will develop it's unique character and enhance your property. Proper planting, watering, mulching, and pruning techniques are about the only requirements for trees to grow to maturity.
         We offer a full Tree Surgery Services in Dulwich SE21, East Dulwich SE22, Herne Hill SE24, Clapham SW11,SW4 - Brixton SW2, Catford SE6.


Pruning - Removing small amount of the tree crown – provides a more balanced tree appearance and prevents branches from obstructing property.

Crown Thinning - Removal of certain branches within the overall structure of the tree – provides increased sunlight as well as keeping the tree balanced.

Crown Lifting - Removal of lower branches to increase ground clearance – provides better access.

Crown Reduction - Trimming the tree in such a way that it's overall size and shape reduces, providing increased sunlight to the surrounding area.

Pollarding - Removing a substantial amount of the tree crown and then regularly pruning at set intervals – provides long lasting access or sunlight without removing the tree completely. This is not a recommended approach to tree care, but useful sometimes.

Felling - Complete removal of a tree down to ground level – provides access and sunlight.

Stump Removal & Grinding - Tree stump grinding is the most effective way of stump removal. Stump grinding avoids the need to dig and disturb the surrounding ground and minimizes the size of the hole.

Stump Poisoning - This involves a stump poison being placed onto stump to allow it to rot away in time.

Planting - Working hand to hand with local nurseries we are offering a small and large scale tree planting service.

Mulching - A tree’s best friend, mulch performs many different functions: insulates soil; retains moisture; raises soil temperature; keeps out weeds; prevents soil compaction; reduces lawn mower and string trimmer damage; adds an aesthetic touch to a yard or street.

Hedge Cutting - Maintaining and shaping the hedge achieving a uniform appearance and line, involves pruning and boxing off sides, top, and bottom  to customer specification.

TPO's (Tree Preservation Orders) are made by the Local Authority to protect trees which are "under threat" - and the loss of the tree(s) would be of detriment to the landscape, the amenity and the aesthetics of the area, which the trees provide to the public. As a result of have a TPO placed on it, before any tree works are undertaken, a formal application will need to be submitted to and approved by the Local Authority first.
A Conservation Area (or CA for short) is somewhat different to a TPO. Local Authorities have the power to designate a conservation area in any area of "special architectural or historic interest" whose character or appearance is worth protecting or enhancing.

As well as all the complete Garden Maintenance Services White-Edge offers a separate individual Gardening Services including Tree Surgery, Decking, Paving and Timber Maintenance, Lawn Care and Planting.

Lawn Care

Lawn Care

Mowing your turf is the most important thing you can do to maintain your lawn. Your turf will get used to how much you cut off and being cut to the same height. If you cut it too much or let the grass grow too long before cutting...

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Decking Maintenance

Paving, Decking and Timber Maintenance

Paving and decking is a fashionable addition to the garden and requires little maintenance once it is completed.

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“I'd highly reccommend Liene!
I was recommended her through the EDF - and she came to tidy my garden this week. She did an amazing job. I can't believe how much she got done in 4 hours. Her rates are very reasonably and she has all her own tools and took the rubbish away.
Now that she has done the inital clean and tidy she is coming back to give us some advice for ongoing maintenance and making the garden more appealing.”



No matter how small or big the garden, trees, shrubs, herbaceous plants and lawns are all essential features of any landscape garden adding a softer, natural touch to the landscape and bringing your garden to life.

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We remove and dispose of all garden waste we create.
We are able to work whether you are at home or at work (as long as we have access to the garden)!
We accept payment on the day in cash or cheque, direct payment into our bank account or payment upon invoice at the end of each month.

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